Lesson Information and Studio Policies

I am currently accepting new flute and piano students into my private studio in Brunswick, GA.  Lessons are available for all ages and levels.

My students have consistently scored well in competitions and been selected for all-state bands and prestigious youth orchestras.

For intermediate-advanced players, I am happy to offer FaceTime or Skype lessons if Brunswick is too far of a drive. The student simply needs a good wifi connection, a tablet or computer with a webcam, and a microphone for good audio quality.

Finally, I do have two cats and one dog. If the student has a pet allergy, lessons at my house are not ideal.


Thank you for committing your time and energy to music through private lessons. They are the best way to get the most fun out of playing an instrument. “Play” is the operative word for me in my approach to teaching. However, in order to accomplish this level of enjoyment, I expect regular attendance at lessons, attentiveness during the lesson, and application of concepts discussed in each lesson during the student’s regular practice time so that the next lesson builds on the last. To best facilitate this process, the following are my procedures and policies:

CONTACT: Communication between student, parent, and teacher is the key to our success together. E-mail is the best way to reach me. My email address is jeanaflute@gmail.com.
I will do my best to return any email or phone call within 48 hours.
I do not use any social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for teaching or professional purposes.

PRACTICE: Your student should practice regularly. The painstaking study of an instrument was developed long before the age of constant distraction in which we live now, and I understand it is often difficult to find time to fit in practice amongst all of a student’s activities. However, I help my students make a chart of their daily lives, and we look together for the places where practice can fit. One of the many benefits of studying music is learning excellent time management skills.

Students are expected to attend all lessons (scheduled no less than once every other week).
Payment is due for the entire month at the beginning of the month. I reserve my time for you, despite my heavy schedule, whether or not you attend your lesson. Availability of both myself and your student will be established at this time (example: I am out-of-town 2 of the 4 Mondays in a month, and, if no other date can be found, you would be charged for 2 lessons for that month).
If you have to miss a lesson, and you provide me with more than 24 hours’ notice, I will make every effort to find time for a make-up lesson.
Because I have an active performing schedule, I cannot make up lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.
Please do NOT come to your scheduled lesson if your child is ill and/or contagious.
Please arrive as close to your lesson time as possible. If too early, you might encounter a traffic jam with a previous student. If late, you may have a shortened lesson due to the next student arriving.
While there are distinct advantages to studying with an active performer, there will be some weeks that I will miss. You will not be charged for those weeks. If I have to miss a lesson that is scheduled due to illness or emergency performance work, I WILL make up the lesson time.
FaceTime/Skype Lessons: I offer on-line lessons to intermediate to advanced students, especially for anyone who does not live near Brunswick, GA, or, if I’m out-of-town, this allows for a more flexible lesson schedule since I can teach anywhere that I can find a Wi-Fi connection. If you choose to take on-line lessons, I request the following things to help save time and energy for the best online lesson experience:
1. Make sure the student and device are located as close to the router as possible, to cut down on the number of times the connection is dropped.
2. Please turn off all other applications or programs on the device used (especially true for laptops) for better connection quality.
3. Consider purchasing a microphone that enhances the sound on the device used. Though not a necessity, it does help convey a truer sense of the students’ sound to me. I use a Zoom H4N on my end to improve my sound quality.
4. Please have all music assigned, a music stand, your flute (or piano if a piano lesson) and device all in the same room together from the beginning of the lesson.

1 hour lesson: $60.00
45 minute lesson: $45.00
30 minute lesson: $30.00


Pay for lessons here!


MUSIC: I will suggest music based on each student’s ability. Because it is illegal to use photocopied music, you are responsible for purchasing the music I suggest. Some of this music is in the public domain and can be found online. I make every attempt to keep the cost down, but sometimes (as with my favorite fundamental exercises by the great flutist Marcel Moyse) there is no way around buying some music. At least your student chose to play the flute or piano, neither of which require reeds (and those are VERY expensive).

INSTRUMENT: I expect each student to have an instrument and for it to be in good working condition. If they are flute students, I discuss with them how to care for and handle their flute so that it stays in good working order. However, as with all machines, flutes need regular maintenance (cleaning, oiling, adjusting), and occasionally break down, despite the most meticulous of owners. I cannot make repairs to flutes, but I can help you diagnose any flute problems and find a repair person when you need to use one.

QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS: If you have an issue with anything regarding lessons, please tell me. I do not know there is a problem until I am made aware of it. I will make every effort to help correct any issue. Additionally, parents/guardians are always welcome to sit in on all or part of a lesson to see what their student is working on and how they are progressing.

MORE INFORMATION: To access information about all things flute/piano, please explore this website. You will find links to local as well as national instrument dealers, where to buy music and accessories for your instrument, information on the different performing organizations in the area, my schedule, etc.